We Are Back!

We have survived our third Spooky Empire Convention. It was a lot of fun, met lots of great people, saw some awesome costumes and sat in on some interesting panels. I managed to sell two copies of Dark Things II and even met one of the other authors, Indy McDaniel, who graciously signed several copies for me. I hope to meet up with him again in future conventions. Currently most of the three days is a big blur but aside from the tropical storm we had to endure; a fun one. We hope to be able to be panelists again next year.

Right now however I am suffering from what I dub, conventionitis. It’s basically day-after convention exhaustion which makes you feel like a zombie. Hopefully the recovery will be a speedy one. Just as a forewarning, if anything we say doesn’t make sense, that’s part of the condition. I would love to be able to record us talking to each other because half of what we say either doesn’t make sense or is misinterpreted. It’s a laugh riot.

For your reading pleasure I have a new chapter to A Tail to Remember, this time in Kallie’s POV. I have discovered that her cat Mittens has become a surprise favorite character. I love their interactions. Especially when Mittens won’t let Kallie get her way. They seem to have a very special relationship.

If anyone wants a signed copy of Dark Things II by both Indy and I please email me at lgastineau@trinitygateways.net. The books normally go for $14.99 but I’ll sell signed copies for $12.00 plus s/h. Sorry, no international available.

If you had already bought a book and want it signed, you can also contact me and I’ll happily sign. If it is in new condition I can swap it, with your permission, for one already signed by Indy so you’ll have both of our signatures. The offer with Indy’s signature is limited because I only have twenty something books left to distribute. All you will have to provide is shipping and handling. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Enjoy until then!

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