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Becca sent Kassie an incredulous look.  “We still have no clue how they know so much about us.  They even knew my bra size!  Do you know how disturbing that is?  They could be perverts that took pictures of us.  There might be nude photos of us on the internet as we speak!”

“Now you are being paranoid.”

The brunette snorted.  “Just because I am not as promiscuous as you, doesn’t mean anything.”

“Hey!  I wear more clothing than some people!”

“Yeah, nudists.”

Kassie sent an icy glare at her cousin.  “Be glad they gave us clothes.  You could still be wearing your PJs this very moment.  Yes, I do find it a bit creepy that they knew about our sizes, but at least they had good taste.”


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Hidden Mystique

Becca Alexander and Kassie Madison are two cousins who are as different as night and day. The college roommates thought their seemingly endless bickering was the worst of their problems. They were wrong.  After a series of events, the cousins soon find themselves caught in a web that leads them racing across the country in search of answers.  Their only aid is a mysterious benefactor who holds a rather pricy debt over the girls’ heads.  Little do they know nothing is as it seems.  Even themselves.  Hidden Mystique is available exclusively Hidden Mystique Coverat JukepopSerials.com.


Discovering Truth- The Beginning

“Secrets, really Terra, I thought they weren’t your style.”

“I learned a few things from mi time with ya,” she said bitterly.

“You said before, when I left, I nearly got you killed what does that mean?”

“Kieran didn’t take it well.”

“What did he do?

“Doesn’t matter.”

“It does to me.”

“I’m not your girl anymore Vince. I never was; I get that. I was an asset. I’m no longer a threat ta ya or of use either. Now be a good little spy and move on. I’ve got work ta do and you’re in mi way,” she muttered before rising from the table and walking away.

Mantle of the Gods is a suspense series by Tricia Sparks that begins with a mysterious discovery that leads to the return of the Greek gods and starts the clock ticking toward the coming of the apocalypse.

Discovering Truth, a Mantle of the Gods anthology is the newest instalment in the series it is a companion piece for the first three novels and can be read either first or last. It unlocks hidden truths skimmed over with in the pages of the first three novels. Discover how Terra ended up working as a spy in Voices from the Past.  Understand why Zaharrah left home in Darkness Stirs. Learn how Anna found the lost city, in Discoveries. Watch as Lance’s hunt for the Fury killer shatters his world with in the pages of Dream’s End. See how Catharine learned Heart of Glass was making the leap to the big screen in Serenity Rising. Find out how Sam lost his job after taking on The Assignment.

Discovering Truth Quote 2

Vince nodded. “I’ll leave you to rest if you like. I’m going to get some breakfast and get some more equipment. You should be safe enough now that it’s daylight,” he whispered before he drew her to him and kissed her. Terra struggled in his grasp aware Kieran had to be watching. But Vince would not be denied and it wasn’t long before her halfhearted efforts to get away changed to a demand of her own.

Her lips came alive under his and vied for control as hands that had been trying to push him away fisted in his hair and clothes drawing him closer. She cursed him and herself for her inability to deny the passion that still existed between them.

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Discovering Truth Sample Chapter

“Aloha Kauai the time is 7:52 pm. Your Wildman is winding down as I prepare to head out the door but don’t you worry about the night slowing down, we’ve got a real treat for you tonight; filling in for the lovely Jessica, Queen of Cats, is our own Lady of the Night. She’s here to turn up the heat as she takes your requests from eight until midnight.” “That’s right Wildman. Prince Charming is out there somewhere but for now I’ve kicked off the dancing shoes, my feet are up and I’m going to play the tunes to keep you happy until the witching hour. But first, let’s start the night off with a song for the city. This one is from me to a special someone out there listening, on behalf of Jessica and Kevin, you know who you are. I hope you like it.” the woman purred over the airwaves.

* * *

Across town a man sat poised behind the wheel of his Toyota X-Runner frozen, unable to move. He could barely breathe. He knew that voice. It was a sound he could never forget. A ghost from the past and he cursed as the song she’d chosen began to play. It too he knew well “One Way or Another,” by Blondie he thought to himself. His eyes shot to his rear view mirror scanning the area as his lips parted. “Abort mission.” “Vince?” his second questioned with concern in her voice. He cursed, knowing he couldn’t take the command back. “I’ve been compromised.” “Are you sure? I see no one.” Vince’s eyes looked about for indications of a watcher but saw none. “I’m positive, report to base; I’ll be back when I’m clear.” Vince said before he sped off into the night….

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Discovering Truth- Quote 1

Green eyes lit with shock at the sight of him. “You! Vince?” she stared at him dumbfounded unable to believe her eyes. She’d not seen him in five years and… wait he was pointing a gun at her. Her shock faded and anger stirred. “You’re behind the hit on Jessica!”

“Me. I’m not the one here that’s the assassin.” Vince snapped in irritation at the accusation.


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An apology

Hello, for those of you who have been following Rogue Messiah I recently discovered that the last few post had been the content from Rogue Hunter. I am sorry for the mix up and have corrected the error. Chapters 32-50 are now up. I hope this alleviates any confusion and that now that it is fixed you will enjoy the read. We’re closing in on the end of part 4. We’ll wrap it up before the site goes dormant for new content in November.

Until next month happy reading.

Tricia Sparks

His Command- The War

A silent war has begun. Ba’tvian Delthanurk is leaving a path of death in his wake as he hunts down the one force that can stop his rise to power.  The Mancers have begun to fall, but they won’t die easily under the Monster of Menie’s blade.  Allies are needed.  As he seeks those who share his goals, Ba’tvian is faced with losing the one person that could mean the success or failure of his plans.


Nerisse se li Astorae, the Elvanaraen Empath who loves him, is losing strength.  Condemned by her people, her life fading slowly, she needs to find a way to survive – no matter the cost.  With madness and death hanging over her, she will have to muster all her courage to make a terrible choice to keep her power for Ba’tvian’s own.


Descent Into Darkness, Part 4: His Command is the latest installment of the novella e-series by Doris Ross.  It’s now available on Amazon.com.

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In sleep, without the intensity that was so much part of who he was, he looked defenseless, exposed somehow.  Her lord, her lover, had vulnerabilities that few could comprehend.  The world stood against him, the Mancers hunted him – those were the reasons he’d turned to blood, to death.  They had not given him a choice.

I will keep you as safe as I can, she promised fiercely.  I will not let them drive you to failure.


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