The Trinity

A bond forged over drinks in a bookstore.  A chance fall of one college student onto another.  A shared love of writing and dreams of being published.  Mix all of these things together and you end up with the three women who make up the Trinity of Trinity Gateways LLC.


Doris Ross

A confessed bibliophile, she has been reading all of her life.  She read her first adult book, Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Flight,  during her second grade year after exhausting all the children’s reading material in the house.  It was this book that prompted her to think about what went into a crafted story and how that story was told.  That interest spilled over into the books that followed, fiction, non-fiction, and references on myth and folklore.  Finally, that interest had her progressing from just reading stories to actually writing them.  Once she realized just how much fun it was to play god in fictional worlds, there was no turning back.  She’s been writing ever since.

The author of the Descent Into Darkness series, she was published three e-book novellas: Descent Into Darkness: His Own, Descent Into Darkness: Her Lord, and Descent Into Darkness: His Beast.  In May, 2012, an omnibus of those three novellas was published in print under the title Descent Into Darkness, Volume 1: He Begins.  She is currently writing the fourth installment of the series, Descent Into Darkness: His Command.  For more information about her books, visit


LJ Gastineau

A graduate of the University of Central Florida, she first started writing in high school, often for pure enjoyment.  This later focused on fanfiction when she discovered a love for anime, prompting her to write stories for several different anime series.  In Janurary of 2011, she become a married woman and new homeowner, performing the complicated dance that is balancing writing, making a home, and being a wife to the love of her life, Scott Gastineau.

In March, 2012, LJ released Frozen Reflection, book 1 of the Crystal Garden Saga, as an e-book for young adult fiction.  In May, 2012, she published it in print.  She recently published the second book in the series, Quaking Tower on September 11, 2012. She is currently working on the third installment to the series, Gusty Proposals.


Tricia Sparks

Born Tricia L. Waldrop, she is happily married to the best man an author can have, Dustin Sparks.  She has a Bachelors degree in English with a primary focus in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida, and has been a writer now for over twenty years.  In that time, she has written several poems, articles, short stories, a few fan fictions, and a couple of original full length novels.  Currently, she writing solo as well in partnership with LJ Gastineau.  Beyond the writing, she also consults on numerous creative projects with other writers.

At the moment, she is prepping two works for e-book publication, The Good, the Bad, & the Chronically Stupid as well as Delfania’s Fire.  The former is slated for release in November, 2012, and the latter is due out in February, 2013.

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