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The Crystal Garden Saga Series

Do you enjoy the call of adventure? The promise of romance? The magic of Fairy Tales? Then step through the gate and enter into the realm of The Crystal Garden Saga. A young adult fantasy series by LJ Gastineau.  It takes place in a world where the seeds of truth are found in the most fantastic of tales. This world while wonderful is not immune to evil.  As corruption spreads, the power imbued within the roses of the Crystal Garden are scattered and secreted away until new heroes rekindle the old tales and prove themselves worthy. Join these special chosen in their adventure as they begin their quest to restore this magical land and drive back the darkness that is destroying it.

Your journey begins with Frozen Reflection. In it you follow Bianca Flynn. Her adventure begins on her sixteenth birthday, a day she thought would be like any other, stuck at home with a step-mother she doesn’t like. Instead, she finds herself plagued by a strange reaction to apples and an odd phobia of mirrors which quickly spirals out of control throwing her into a world that she thought only existed in stories. As she wanders in this new land, she learns it is cursed by a spell that can only be broken with the power of a crystal rose.

Book two, Quaking Tower, picks up where Frozen Reflection left off and follows Cybele Lockley, who has led a sheltered life, separated from the world by a medical condition. With only the occasional company of her grandmother, Cybele longs to be free. In secret she creates a make-believe world in an old notebook- a story filled with the romance and adventures of a character she has named Rapunzel. Everything changes for Cybele on her sixteenth birthday when she tries to cut her hair for the first time. The world around her shifts to match that of her story and she is left to discover who she truly is as she seeks out the crystal rose.

Gusty Proposals is the third story in this epic quest and tells the story of Violet Piccolo. Violet has had every decision in her life made for her by overbearing parents. Everything from the type of clothes she wore to the friends she kept. She has obeyed their wishes without protest. On her sixteenth birthday things change when her father forces her into a relationship with his boss’s son in an attempt to advance his career, and Violet makes a stand for the first time. Her rebellion has unexpected consequences as she shrinks to a mere few inches high. Her troubles don’t stop there though as the petite girl soon finds herself in another world filled with wonder, danger, and magic. Though now free of her childhood shackles, Violet finds herself confronted with others who believe they know what is best for her. To fly free, she must discover who she really is so that she might achieve her destiny. To do this she’ll have to learn that sometimes just standing isn’t enough. Some things must be fought for as she seeks the crystal rose.

Drowned Voice is the fourth story in this epic quest. It tells the story of Mirielle Riva, a young girl who grew up in the foster care system, migrating from one home to another with no family to call her own. Growing lonely, Mirielle learned to take what happiness she could by indulging in the things she liked, such as singing and dancing. So when she was given a shot to be on the high school varsity swim team, she set off for swim camp with enthusiasm and hope. Her sixteenth birthday arrives with little fanfare. In fact the only gift received is she’s lost her voice; not the great start for the day she was hoping. Things worsen when she surfaces in the pool only to discover she is no longer in the world she’d woken in that morning.  Instead she finds herself trapped in a cursed kingdom being ravaged by the sea.

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