Blood & Rain Sample Chapter

“Ugh.  You’d think people would have some consideration.”

Brandy wrinkled her nose in disgust, letting the door swing shut as she moved to the next stall.  Normally, she wouldn’t have bothered with public restrooms. They were never clean enough, the toilet areas were all too often cramped cubicles, the dispensers were either broken or empty – the list went on.  These stalls didn’t even rate a comparison to closets; closets were more spacious.  Yet she had no choice.  She’d found herself in Wal-Mart, up a creek without a paddle with nature calling insistently.  If she didn’t find a decently clean stall soon she wasn’t sure what she’d do.  Her bladder was sending out the warning signals of impending social doom.

“Well, that’s what I get for going shopping after dinner,” she muttered as she inspected another hopeless possibility.  “Not like I had a choice.  I need some new notebooks and I know I won’t be able to get up early enough to buy them before class starts… Finally.”

She gave a small smile of relief at the sight of relative cleanliness.  Not wanting to take any chances given the state of the rest of the stalls, she swiped a seat liner before stepping inside to take care of business.  Through the ceiling, she could just barely hear the tattoo of hard rain.  Thunder rolled, and she hoped it would be over by the time she left.

A crash of sound overhead had the lights flickering.  Brandy prayed that they wouldn’t go out.  It would be like a cave in here without them.  She could just imagine herself walking into things in her search for the exit.  She’d experienced that before – painfully.

Footsteps echoed on the tile floor, becoming louder as they approached.  Good luck, she thought.  She was in the only decent stall to be had.  The sound stopped in front of her stall just as she was finishing up.  She noticed the toes of the boots under the door.  Workman boots, she thought with a frown, then shrugged it off.  There were some girls at college who wore workman boots, along with some very ratty, not-quite-matching clothing.

“I’ll be out in just a minute,” she called out, as she got her person in order.  Flushing, she opened the door, almost running into the person waiting there.  “Oh, sor – ”

It was a guy.

That was her last thought.


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