Hidden Mystique Sample Chapter

CHAPTER 1-Rude Awakening



The room was dark.  She could hear voices.  Something shattered in the distance.

Startled, the three year old girl dashed out of bed.  She really wanted her mommy and daddy, but wasn’t sure if she should make a sound.  Her gut instinct told her to hide. 

As silent as a rabbit evading a fox she scampered to her closet then ducked into the cabinet part of the old end table her daddy had put in there as a place to store her stuffed animals.  At first glance, unless someone took a good look at it, they would not notice that the little table which held a stack of books on top could store things as well.  Hopefully, whoever the strange voices belonged to wouldn’t think of such a possibility.

Squeezing her eyes shut, the little girl scrunched herself up as tiny as she could.  The words ‘I’m not here,’ echoed in her head like a mantra.

A loud thud broke her free of her thoughts as her tiny sanctuary filled with a bright light.  She screamed.


* * *


Kassie Madison groaned as her cousin thrashed around in her bed in their shared dorm room.  Squinting through the sunlight bleeding in through the blinds, she sat up then grabbed the alarm clock.  It read 7:07am.  Knowing she wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep Kassie swung to the edge of the bed, dropping her feet on the floor.  She growled as various puzzle pieces clung to her soles.  Annoyed, she threw a pillow at the dark haired young woman lying a few feet away from her.  “Becca!”

Becca Alexander awoke with a squeal.  She shoved at her long tangled hair then blinked.  “What?  It’s morning already?”

“You were having another one of your dreams again.”

“Oh.  I don’t remember it.”  She stretched as the red head flopped back down on her bed.  “Is something wrong?”

“You forgot to put away your damn jigsaw puzzles again.  Why the hell are you so obsessed with them?  You’re gonna lose pieces if you keep spreading them out all over the room!”

“Sorry,” Becca winced, lowering her gaze to the mess.  “I’ll try to be more careful.”

Kassie sighed, pulling several pieces off the bottoms of her feet.  A part of her felt guilty for grumbling at her cousin.  Becca was practically her sister at this point.  She could still remember the day that the petite dark haired girl came to live with her and her family.  Becca was like a tiny mouse living with a gaggle of noisy geese.  To say they were complete opposites would be an understatement.  It was a wonder they hadn’t murdered each other yet.  She supposed the University of North Carolina could have given her someone worse than an odd little mouse to room with.

The brunette climbed out of bed with a thoughtful expression on her face.  “I think I want breakfast before heading to class.  Do you?”

Typical Becca and her strange way of speaking.  Kassie lifted her gaze to the waterscape calendar hanging over her desk where a bright blue marker had encircled a particular date.  September 2nd.  She frowned in disbelief.  “Don’t you even remember what today is?”

Becca’s eyebrows knitted together in thought.  “I don’t believe I have anything due today…”

“It’s your twenty-first birthday, and you forgot?  What kind of college student are you?”  Kassie threw her arms up in exasperation, wild curls flying around with the movement.  “You’re legal now.  You can drink!”

“I don’t see how that’s anything to get excited over.”  Deep blue eyes stared curiously into sea green ones.  “It’s just an age.  Nothing special.”

“You’re hopeless.”

Becca shrugged as she grabbed a shirt and a pair of jeans from the closet.  “I’m not a party girl like you.”

“Have you ever been to a party?”


Kassie raised her eyebrows in surprise.  “Really?”

Becca finished changing.  “No one ever invited me.  It’s not that big of a deal.”

“We need to get you out more…”

“That won’t be necessary.  I’m happy the way I am.”

“Bec, you’re not living.  You’re just existing in the world.”  Kassie grinned as her cousin scowled at her.  “I’m going to change that tonight!  After all, tomorrow is Saturday.  No classes!”


“We’re going to party hard and I refuse to take no for an answer.  I’ll drag you out kicking and screaming if I have to!”

Becca shook her head.  “But I don’t want to go.”

“Tough!  You better get your puzzle fix taken care of early, chica.”  The red head smirked at her bewildered cousin.  “Tonight, your fate lies in my hands.”


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