Discovering Truth Sample Chapter

“Aloha Kauai the time is 7:52 pm. Your Wildman is winding down as I prepare to head out the door but don’t you worry about the night slowing down, we’ve got a real treat for you tonight; filling in for the lovely Jessica, Queen of Cats, is our own Lady of the Night. She’s here to turn up the heat as she takes your requests from eight until midnight.” “That’s right Wildman. Prince Charming is out there somewhere but for now I’ve kicked off the dancing shoes, my feet are up and I’m going to play the tunes to keep you happy until the witching hour. But first, let’s start the night off with a song for the city. This one is from me to a special someone out there listening, on behalf of Jessica and Kevin, you know who you are. I hope you like it.” the woman purred over the airwaves.

* * *

Across town a man sat poised behind the wheel of his Toyota X-Runner frozen, unable to move. He could barely breathe. He knew that voice. It was a sound he could never forget. A ghost from the past and he cursed as the song she’d chosen began to play. It too he knew well “One Way or Another,” by Blondie he thought to himself. His eyes shot to his rear view mirror scanning the area as his lips parted. “Abort mission.” “Vince?” his second questioned with concern in her voice. He cursed, knowing he couldn’t take the command back. “I’ve been compromised.” “Are you sure? I see no one.” Vince’s eyes looked about for indications of a watcher but saw none. “I’m positive, report to base; I’ll be back when I’m clear.” Vince said before he sped off into the night….

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