His Command- The War

A silent war has begun. Ba’tvian Delthanurk is leaving a path of death in his wake as he hunts down the one force that can stop his rise to power.  The Mancers have begun to fall, but they won’t die easily under the Monster of Menie’s blade.  Allies are needed.  As he seeks those who share his goals, Ba’tvian is faced with losing the one person that could mean the success or failure of his plans.


Nerisse se li Astorae, the Elvanaraen Empath who loves him, is losing strength.  Condemned by her people, her life fading slowly, she needs to find a way to survive – no matter the cost.  With madness and death hanging over her, she will have to muster all her courage to make a terrible choice to keep her power for Ba’tvian’s own.


Descent Into Darkness, Part 4: His Command is the latest installment of the novella e-series by Doris Ross.  It’s now available on Amazon.com.

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