Drowned Voice- Loneliness

Mirielle Riva grew up alone without a family to call her own. A child in foster care she migrated from one place to another. When your life is in a constant state of flux you learn to take what happiness you can where you find it. Mirielle finds hers by indulging in things she likes such as singing and dancing when the mood strikes her. So when she is given a shot on the high school varsity swim team she sets off for swim camp with enthusiasm and hope. Looking forward to a new year filled with friends and fun.

Disappointment becomes her closest friend as she wakes on her sixteenth birthday and the only gift she receives is the loss of her voice. It’s not the great start she was hoping for and things only get worse from there. When she dives into the pool for tryouts she surfaces to discover she’s no longer in the world she knows, but is trapped in a cursed kingdom ravaged by the sea. In a world where some happy endings aren’t written, but are forged in adversity, Mirielle must seek out answers if she has any hope of returning to the world she’d left behind. As she journeys she will learn that sometimes when you’re alone too long your mind can make its own friends and enemies. The waters will rise as Mirielle seeks to find her crystal rose.

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