Drowned Voice Quote 2

Pouncer licked at his paws in a desperate attempt to remove the berry stains.  Dmitri laughed, at the perturbed feline.  “You should have been more careful, Purple Toes.”


“We’ll find you some soap, but in the meantime you’ll just have to deal with it.”

Pouncer dug his front paws in the dirt then let out a grumble at having dirtied himself.  His furry face contorted into an agitated expression he began cleaning himself again.

Dmitri shook his head.  “Funny little cat.”

Mirielle bit her lip, amused by their antics.  It was clear that Pouncer would be lost without Dmitri and the captain might feel the same.  They needed each other.  Mirielle wasn’t sure where she might fit in if at all.  She just hoped that she wasn’t a burden.


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