Welcome to a New Tale to the Crystal Garden Saga…

Drowned Voice is the fourth story in this epic quest. It tells the story of Mirielle Riva, a young girl who grew up in the foster care system migrating from one home to another with no family to call her own. Growing lonely, Mirielle learned to take what happiness she could by indulging in the things she liked, such as singing and dancing. So when she was given a shot to be on the high school varsity swim team she set off for swim camp with enthusiasm and hope. Her sixteenth birthday arrives with little fanfare. In fact the only gift received is she’s lost her voice; not the great start for the day she was hoping. Things worsen when she surfaces in the pool only to discover she is no longer in the world she’d woken in that morning.  Instead she finds herself trapped in a cursed kingdom being ravaged by the sea.

Learn more about Mirielle’s trials and tribulations in Drown_Voice - Front Cover Only - Ver 2, available on Amazon.

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