Truth Revealed- The quest continues

The quest continues and the hunt resumes in Truth Revealed, the third Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks As the hunt for the remaining mantles draws to a close, Sam Abrams and the others will come to understand that the wicked never rests and it is unwise to let down your guard.

With one woman safe, Sam Abrams returns to find archeologist, Annalynn Gallagher gone.  Who has taken her is unclear, yet Sam is certain of her ultimate destination: into the possession of a would-be messenger of the gods.

But Hermes is the least of his worries as things at the dig become far more dangerous. When Anna left the site, she left Zaharrah Lynch in charge. With things spinning out of control Zaharrah wants nothing more than to get clear of Atlantis and the gods circling it, but her sibling and cohort hasn’t completed his task yet. Zaharrah will wait as long as she can for her brother, but her window of escape is closing fast and she knows she can’t stay much longer as her sleep is haunted by malevolent darkness.

Death waits for everyone no matter how far you run and Zaharrah knows it’s catching up with her as her path is leading her deep into the heart of the Jordan desert, to a place she sees in her dreams – and a deity who would claim the world as his own. Now Sam, Zaharrah, and the others must prepare for a battle that will reveal the hidden, ancient truths – and have unforeseen consequences for one of their number. Victory or defeat, each will exact its price.

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