Blood & Rain

Jacksonville, FL, is a city with historic roots and character, much like many other cities in the United States.  Yet the mundane façade hides a layer of reality not seen by humans – except for a select few.  Alex Rosselle is such a one.  The IRS and her clientele know her as an artist, yet the city’s paranormal underbelly see her for what she is: a Hunter coming into her own, one whose skills are about to be tested.

Something monstrous is stalking the streets of her beloved city.  No one knows what it is, let alone where it comes from.  With every kill it makes, storms brew. As she hunts for the source, Alex will encounter an old nemesis, a new ally, and the interest of an ancient deity as she faces the unknown threat. She will discover a snippet of storied history that may just hold the key to the mystery in the midst of the bloodshed, a deadly force that is bearing down on them all. Something only one of them can stop – provided Alex doesn’t drown first as the city becomes awash with blood and rain.

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