Gusty Proposals- Fight for Change

Violet Piccolo spent the first fifteen years of her life never thinking for herself. Everything from the type of clothes she wore to the friends she kept was dictated by overbearing parents. She obeyed without protest or complaint until her sixteenth birthday when her father’s latest scheme to advance the corporate ladder had her facing a relationship with a boy she didn’t know. When Violet makes a stand, it has unforeseen consequences. The petite girl shrinks to a mere few inches high and she winds up in another world full of danger and magic.  While the change leaves her free of her childhood shackles, Violet’s troubles are far from over as in this new realm she finds herself confronted with others who believe they know what is best for her. To fly free, Violet will have to embrace her destiny. She will soon understand that sometimes standing up for what you want isn’t enough, somethings must be fought for. For Violet gaining her crystal rose won’t be the hardest part of her journey as she will learn that a mind unused when strained may just shatter.


Available on Amazon and at Ancient City Convention July 18-20.

Gusty Proposals - Front Cover Only

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