Gusty Proposals Quote 2


Violet felt ill.  She had gone from one control freak to another.  Unlike her mother, this one could potentially give her rabies.  She didn’t want to date her father’s, boss’s son and she most certainly did not desire to marry outside of her own species!  The idea of it made her feel even more nauseated.


There was only one thing she could do; find a way to escape.  It was obvious that she was underground.  However if she recalled the tale of Thumbelina, she should be able to find a tunnel that would lead to the surface.


“Thumbelina, are you listening?”


The girl shook her head in defiance.  “I don’t know who you think I am, but this is all wrong.  I don’t belong here.  I’m human, not a mole.  The best mate for a mole is another mole.  Please just let me go.”


The mouse narrowed her beady eyes at her.  “Don’t be silly.  You aren’t going anywhere.  This is where you will live and die.  There will be no changing that.”

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