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Violet frowned.  That was never mentioned in the fairytale.  Then again, Thumbelina didn’t shrink as she had.  She had been small to begin with.  “So… fairytales are real?”


Zandr’s dark brows knitted together.  “We don’t have tails.  Only wings.”


“I meant tales as in stories.”


“I still do not understand what you mean.”


She wanted to hide her face.  Instead she squeezed her eyes shut.  “Forget it.  Translation errors…”


“What is that?”


“Don’t worry about it.  It’s just my odd human speech.”  Violet decided she might be better off just shutting up before she confused them both.  Of course she guessed the damage may already be done.  At least Zandr didn’t seem too annoyed and just dumped her off leaving her to fend for herself.  Her mind flitted back to their first encounter.  “Wait, if you need me then why did you say you would kill me if I double crossed you?”


“Simple.  I do not know you.  You may be the Chosen One, however, that doesn’t mean you are trustworthy.  I have no proof that the Crystal Garden actually exists, but if it will save our land, I’ll put my faith in it.”


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