Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day!

To all our readers, writers, friends, and fans who are mothers; have a special day!

For myself today is yet another writing session.  I hope to have formatting completed for the print version of Frozen Reflection completed in the next few days so it can be sent off to be printed. I will probably also post updated versions for the ebook version. Nothing major, just fixing minor errors. You can still get your own copies of the ebook at these locations: Smashwords, Lulu, DrivethruFictionAmazon for the Kindle, and  Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

Today’s Update

A new chapter to Spark of Vengeance has been added. Where we last left off, Havort had been poisoned by the ash from the village fire.  Jesali raced off in hopes of finding help despite the fact that everyone had turned against the Keepers.  Find out if she will succeed or will Havort meet his untimely demise!

Next week will be another chapter of A Tail to Remember. Tucker and Kallie will going on their first date.  Will they they be met with fortune or disaster?

Shadows of the Mind

So far we have received many excellent short stories for our horror anthology. We would love to receive more.  Submissions are still open! Please visit our Submissions page for more details. Deadline is August 1st or until submissions is closed.

Out of Sync

If you haven’t noticed we’ve been having difficulty syncing with Facebook.  We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you be patient as we try to figure out how to fix the problem (one of our website aps is no longer supporting Facebook updates yet never alerted us to this).

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