4th Chapter Promo for Frozen Reflection by L. J. Gastineau

The next chapter to be shared is Chapter 20. We will admit, it has been tricky finding chapters that didn’t give away too much. We tried our best to avoid any major spoilers like the fact that Alphonse has __________ and Bianca is __________________. Then of course ___________ is really ______________. I think we have done a pretty good job. So enjoy the newest and if you want to know what we are hinting at then click on one of the links below to purchase your own copy! LJ is shooting to have the sequel to Frozen Reflection, Quaking Tower  out before the end of the year. So don’t miss it!



Bianca cursed her luck as she squeezed her eyes shut waiting for the pain of the arrow head to pierce her flesh, but it never came.  Instead it sailed over her head.  She looked back stunned to discover that it wasn’t a tree root that tripped her after all.  It was a very familiar scabbard.

“Stay down!”  Alphonse shouted from above, leaping down from the tree he was hiding in.  He turned back in the direction that the assassin was firing from, sword held in one hand as the other drew a dagger behind his back.  “Show yourself!”

His reply was only chuckling.

“Are you a coward or something?  Or just too ugly to bear showing your face?”  He smirked, adding, “I’ll bet just one glimpse is enough to make babies weep.”

Another arrow soared towards the tree Alphonse was formerly in hitting the trunk.

“Gotcha,” the blonde grinned, tossing the dagger in the direction the arrow came from.  It spun several times, before a loud scream interrupted the silence.

Bianca’s eyes widened, “How-”


A flash of light came to life as a mist oozed out from the shadows, swirling around the trees, turning them black upon contact.

Before Bianca could blink she found herself yanked to her feet as Alphonse grabbed her arm, forcing her to run from the deadly threat.  She braced herself for more arrows, but they never came.

Once they had cleared enough ground, Alphonse eased his grip, but would not let go.  They walked in silence until they came to a nearly dried up stream.  He led Bianca through a shallow part then glanced back.  “It doesn’t look like he has followed us.  We should be safe for now.”

“You can let go of me.  I am able to walk on my own.”

He snorted.  “So, you can run off and get yourself nearly killed again?  I think not.”

Bianca glared at him.  “Why should you care?  I make your life a living hell.  You would probably celebrate if I died.”

“There you go again.  You’re so full of yourself.”

“I am not!”  She broke free of his grip, throwing her hands up in the air.  “You act like I’m a huge burden.  If I’m such a bother then just let me die.”

Alphonse growled.  “You make it sound like that would fix everything.  It won’t.  Can’t you get it through your thick skull for once?”

“I’m Snow White.  I’m everyone’s hope, blah, blah, blah.  Do you want to tattoo it to my forehead?  Would that make you feel any better?”

He shoved his hands through his hair, fighting to keep his building frustration under control.  “You just don’t get it!”

“What?  What is it I’m too stupid to understand?”

“Just forget it.”

Bianca fought the urge to scream.  “It’s not like I asked for this.”

Alphonse whirled on her.  “I didn’t either!”

“You can leave anytime you want.  I’m not going to stop you.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Wait, I forgot.  I’m the big important mission that you have to complete.”

He kicked a rock into the stream.  “Yes, I’m supposed to protect you.  It’s a tiny part of my pathetic lack of existence that I was assigned just so I could at least pretend I had a life.”

Bianca lowered her head.  “I can’t say I’m sorry enough.  If I could change things I would, but I can’t.”

“No, you still don’t get it!”

“Then tell me!”

Alphonse shook his head, his hair disarrayed from his frustration.  “This is getting us nowhere.  Look, you’re just going to have to face the fact that whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.  So, no more running away.”

“Okay, deal,” she agreed, deep down her heart hurt even worse.  She was just a duty to him.  Nothing more.  She had to let go of foolish dreams.  “Let’s go find Sprig.  The sooner we find my flower the better off we both will be.”

Alphonse nodded then noticed that her arm was still bleeding.  He pulled out a handkerchief, wrapping it tightly around the injury.  “That should do until we can bandage it more properly.”

Bianca felt herself flush.  She quickly turned away hoping he didn’t notice.  “Thank you, for saving my life both times.”

“It’s my job.”

She felt melancholy as she nodded.  With a sigh she trailed after him to continue their journey.


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