2nd Chapter Promo for Frozen Reflection by L. J. Gastineau

A new day equals a new chapter. This time we are flipping back to Chapter 16. Keep in mind that the chapters by themselves may not make much sense.  You’ll have to read the entire book to fully understand what is going on. Without further adieu…


Everything seemed like a blur as Bianca struggled with her mind.  Her focus on anything else was useless.  She couldn’t even remember what happened during the day as she sat next to Emily in the auditorium for play auditions.  It was as though her entire day had fast forwarded to that moment.

She shifted her gaze to the stage.  It appeared the art department had already started on the set.  Half painted cutouts of trees stood tall, around the outline of a cottage.  Bianca shifted uncomfortably in her seat as her gaze fell upon the magic mirror.  There was something about it that made chills run down her spine.  “Maybe I shouldn’t try out.  I’m sure there are lots of other girls that would be just as good for Snow White.”

Emily yanked her best friend back down before she could bolt from the room.  “Since when have you turned down an opportunity to be in the school play?  You showed up last year to every rehearsal for the Wizard of Oz as an understudy for Dorothy unlike Cheryl who had been cast for the lead.  You deserve to be on stage!”

“That’s just your opinion.  I’m not nearly as good as some of the other girls.”

“You’re just nervous.  Everything will be fine.”

“I’m sure you’ll make an excellent dwarf,” Cheryl Hartley laughed, her apple shaped earrings jingling as she smoothed back her streaky blonde hair.  She leaned over Bianca’s seat, a feline smirk on her face.  “What makes you think you’ll ever get the lead over me?”

“She looks the part for one.  You’d have to give up spraying yourself orange by opening night,” Emily snapped in defense of her best friend who couldn’t remove her gaze from her nemesis’s earrings.

“I didn’t know pasty skin and dull hair were part of the requirements.  Gee, I guess I missed that part in the book.”

Emily narrowed her eyes.  “Are you sure you wouldn’t be better off as the queen?  I think you have the wicked part down perfectly.”

“I always get the lead,” Cheryl fluttered her lashes.  “I’m a born star.”

“You’re definitely a hot ball of burning something…”

“Excuse me?”

“Bianca,” Greg, the director called out breaking up the bickering.  “You’re up.”

“Okay,” Bianca walked to the stage, oblivious of the snide remark Cheryl threw at her.  She drew a deep breath as she climbed the steps then stopped, frowning.  Somehow she ended up in a dimly lit forest.  The crisp green foliage and gentle breeze seemed oddly comforting.   Bright colored wild flowers dotted the lush grass.  She thought it would be nice to pick some.  However as she turned around to look for more, she was back in the auditorium again.

“Are you all right?”

Bianca glanced up at Greg, unaware of the confusion that lined her face then nodded.  As she accepted a page of the script from one of the other hopefuls, her vision swam.  Sweat lined her brow, fatigue washed over her as she fought against her legs’ urge to give out on her.  She peeled off her sweater, dumping it on the stage.  “Wow, is it hot.  Did someone turn the heat on?”

“It’s kind of chilly in here actually.”  Greg glanced at his girlfriend next to him who nodded.  “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Bianca nodded and started stumbling towards the stairs in hopes of making it to the bathroom in case she had to vomit.  She didn’t understand why she started feeling so sick.  It wasn’t like her.  However before she even reached the steps she passed out.


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