Conventions, signings, and public gatherings where the Trinity will be.

We Love ACC!


Frozen Reflection print cover

Cover of the printed book, Frozen Reflection, Book 1 of the Crystal Garden Saga now for sale on Amazon!

Ancient City Con was a blast! A big hello goes out to those of you we meet at the con who are visiting us for the first time! Ancient City holds a special place in our hearts since the second one was our first con where we made lots of awesome connections. It continues to grow each year and this year was no exception. Special hellos to Kevin A. Ranson, author of The Spooky Chronicles, and Kevin Coryell, and K. M. Asano of DraxisWeb Productions, thank you for joining us for our panels. You all made great additions. To Henry Livingston and Chris Gabaldon, thank you for having us. The con was awesome. Thank you also for all your help. You guys are awesome! Coffee Roasters, thank you for existing. You may have been the sole thing that kept Doris and I going despite the lack of sleep. Everyone else we talked to at the con, you know who you are.  Having you there made the experience even better. We hope to see you again next year!

Please forgive the ramble; I’m in recovery from the weekend and my mind is still in a blur. I call this Conventionitis. Additional sleep should fix the problem.

Still Have Signed Copies Available!

For those of you that would like a signed printed copy of Frozen Reflection the first book of my YA Fantasy Series, the Crystal Garden Saga, I still have copies available. For a signed copy they are $8.99 + $2.99 for shipping and handling (a total of $11.98). Please send me an email with “Book Purchase” in the subject line to for more details.  I am currently unable to accept credit card payments but I can take PayPal, money order, or check.  Supplies are limited so its first come, first served.

This Week’s Chapter…

Chapter 12 has been posted for Spark of Vengeance, the epic fantasy I’ve been writing with Tricia Sparks. Next week will be a new one for A Tail to Remember.

Don’t Miss Out!

If you have a disturbing short horror story you want to submit to us for our anthology, Shadows of the Mind, please send it to us by  11:59pm EST on August 1, 2012. Please refer to our guidelines at Trinity Gateways Submissions Page for more information.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at Be sure to include “Question” in the subject line. We look forward to reading your stories!



We Survived ACC

Cover of the printed book, Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins

Cover of the printed book, Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins, now for sale on Amazon!

Ancient City Con ended yesterday.  We’re still tired from the weekend, but are so glad we went.  I was there with Trinity Gateways LLC, passing out our free newsletters, selling my printed book, Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins, hosting panels, making connections, and talking with everyone who came to say hi.  Everyone who dropped by the table or attended one of our writing panels gets a big thank you from yours truly for the interest, the sales, and the conversation.  You’re the reason we do this, so thanks!

Also, a special thanks goes to Kevin A. Ranson, author of The Spooky Chronicles and ghostwriter for, Brett Link, also of, T. S. Robinson, author of Mirror of Opposition, the steampunk gals from the Good Ship Sappho, K. M. Asano and Kevin Coryell of DraxisWeb Productions, both fellow authors and panelists — it was great meeting up with you all!  You made a great con even better!

Finally, thanks to the ACC Art and Con Directors, Henry Livingston and Chris Gabaldon, for having us.  We’re already looking forward to being there next year!

In Case You Missed Out

I still have copies of my book on hand so if anyone would like to buy a signed copy, send an email to me at for more details and include “Book Purchase” in the subject line. Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins is $13.99 + $2.99 for shipping and handling (a total of $16.98).  I am currently unable to accept credit card payments but I can take PayPal, money order, or check.  Supplies are limited so this is first come, first served.

Another Reminder

Trinity Gateways LLC will be closing submissions for the horror anthology, Shadows of the Mind, at 11:59 pm EST on August 1, 2012.  If you’ve got something you’d like to see in the collection, please be sure to get your submissions in.  If you’d like to know what we’re looking for, or need a refresher on our guidelines, visit the Trinity Gateways Submissions Page.  If you have any questions, please e-mail and put “Question” in the subject line.  Thanks!

Now that the con is over, it’s back to work.  We’ve got submissions to review and I’ve got an e-book to finish.  Until next time!


It’s The Final Countdown!

We are now four days away from heading off to Ancient City Con where we will have a table in the Creator’s Alley with our books available for purchase as well as hosting our own panels! At this point we only have a few last minute details left to take care of. If you plan on attending, be sure to stop by and say hi!  We’d love to meet you.

Better Late Than Never…

I apologize for being late on posting the new chapter for A Tail to Remember. There has been a lot going on with convention prep, finishing the second book of my series Crystal Garden Saga, and prepping the anthology, just to name a few things.

Speaking of Anthology…

We are still accepting short story submissions for our horror anthology, Shadows of the Mind. If you are interested please visit our submissions page HERE. Deadline is August 1st, 2012.

One Week, A Release Date, & A Submissions Deadline

I’m posting a little early this weekend as Sunday, the usual day I post, will be loaded with errand running.  I’m seeing to some last minute details in preparation for Ancient Cit Con next weekend, July 20-22.  For those of you who don’t know about it, it’s a multi-genre convention in Jacksonville, FL, catering to gamers, anime, science fiction, and fantasy.  I’ll be on several panels at the con with my fellow authors from Trinity Gateways, LJ Gastineau and Tricia Sparks.  We’ll have a table in the dealer’s area, selling our books and connecting with readers.  If your in town, stop by for a chat and pick up a good read.


Publication Release Date Determined

Descent Into Darkness: His Command, the fourth installement in the series, will be out on November 3, 2012, as an e-book.  I have only 9 chapters left to write, then I’ll step away from it for a month before beginning my editing/revision phase.  I’ll continue to post rough draft chapters through August, then the story will be pulled from site as I get it ready for publication.  This is the longest segment in the series so far, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.


Reminder: Trinity Gateways Anthology Submissions Closes August 1

For any of you still looking to submit disturbing short stories in the horror genre for the Shadows of the Mind anthology, the cut off is August 1, 2012, so please be sure to get your submissions in.  As assistant editor on this project I’ve seen some really good stories come through and I look forward to seeing more.   If you’d like to know what we’re looking for, or need a refresher on our guidelines, visit the Trinity Gateways Submissions Page.

Even if we don’t accept your story, we are giving constructive feedback so that you will be able to learn and improve as a writer.  We’ve had several authors who have improved their stories, resubmitted, and been accepted so don’t get discouraged by a rejection email from our Acquisitions Editor, LJ Gastineau.  Every good author knows that constructive feedback or criticism is vital to the development and growth of every writer.  Since we’re both authors and editors, LJ and I will do what we can to provide that feedback for the submissions we’re reviewing.  Yes, it takes longer to go through the stories in our inbox, but it’s also something that we believe in.  Seeing those resubmitted stories, seeing the improvements made, and being able to accept them is a wonderful reward.  It’s our fervent hope that we will never see the day when we can’t take the time to give that feedback.


Racing Against Time

To say we have not been at our busiest would be like saying it snowed strawberry ice cream in New York City today- a straight out lie. We are two weeks away from Ancient City Con. Much of the prep work is done while others… still have yet to be completed. On top of that all three of us (Doris, Tricia, and I) are slaving away at getting our next novels/novelettes prepared for publication by our personal deadlines.  Then there is the anthology which is due to be published sometime late August. It’s a wonder we can catch our breaths! However because this is work we love, we push ourselves as hard as we can to meet those goals.

On to the Update…

This weeks update is a chapter to Spark of Vengeance. Now it’s off to working on Quaking Tower once again.

Ready to Exchange Summer for Autumn

In less than two weeks in Northern FL we have gone from needing a boat and scuba gear due to all the rain brought to us by Tropical Storm Debby to feeling as though we could cook breakfast directly on the sidewalks and streets thanks to the heat! I am completely over summer and would love to skip the rest of the miserable heat and other fun things that come with the season like mosquitoes, love bugs, heat stroke, etc. So far it looks like the highs for a while will be in the 90s and 100s! Luckily, I have not had any power-outages, otherwise my chinchilla Zidane would be quite uncomfortable since the highest temps he can stand are the mid 70s. I make sure that he had a frozen bottle wrapped in fleece in his cage whenever I go out just in case. I would be very upset to return home only to find that he died of heat stroke. He can be a brat at times, but he’s still a joy to my life. Him and my husband of course. I feel lucky to have them both, and the rest of the Trinity of course! They are awesome too.

In Other News

We’ve been steadily preparing for Ancient City Con, July 20th-22nd. If you’re planning on going please stop by our table in Creator’s Alley and say hi, we’d love to meet you! I have also been working on Quaking Tower as well as other projects. It’s been a juggle but the end results will be worth it. One project, A Tail to Remember has been updated with a new chapter so please check it out. Next week will bring a new one for Spark of Vengeance.

A Reminder…

We are still accepting submissions for our horror anthology, Shadows of the Mind. Please if you are interested visit the Submissions Page. Deadline is August 1st, 2012. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Further information is listed on the submissions page.

Welcome, July

Jacksonville, FL, has been hot.  First Tropical Storm Debbie tries to drown us, now it feels like summer is trying to bake us.  We’ll reach a happy medium several months from now but will have to hang in there until then.  Fall cannot get here fast enough.

What’s Been Happening

We’ve just wrapped the Trinity Gateways Newsletter, so I can now spend more time on other projects.  Currently, I have a cover to design for Tricia Sparks as the artwork’s come in, and LJ Gastineau has sent me a few stories that I need to review for the anthology we’re putting together.  Then, of course, is my own series work.  I’ve had to scale back on my writing in order to get the newsletter out before the end of June but am pleased to say that I’m back on track as of this week.  Descent Into Darkness: His Command has now broken 36,000 words and 110 pages in MS Word, making it the longest installment of the series thus far.  It feels like it has about another 10,000 words left in it, maybe a little less than that.  It’s due out in October but I hope to have to it finished by the beginning of August in order to get it edited by Tricia Sparks while I work with LJ Gastineau on finalizing the horror anthology, Shadows of the Mind.

It means that the busy trend of the last few months won’t be slowing down any time soon.

While all of this is going on we’re prepping for Ancient City Con, July 20-22, 2012.  I’ve received my shipment of Descent Into Darkness, Volume 1: He Begins to sell at the Trinity Gateways table.  Most of the promotional materials have come in at this point, and we’ve gotten almost all of the display components for the table setup.  We’re excited about the con, seeing old friends, making new ones, and are looking forward to a good time.

Now For The Update

The rough Chapters 13 & 14 of Descent Into Darkness: His Command are now up for those of you who are interested.  Happy reading and enjoy!

A Quick Note Plus Another Update

It’s been a tremendously busy month and it’s not over yet! Ancient City Con is creeping up on us fast and we are still scrambling to get ready in time. With that plus editing, writing, etc. It’s never a dull moment and I don’t think I’d give it up for anything! With that in mind on to the update…

A new chapter to Spark of Vengeance has been posted so be sure to check it out. In the meantime, back to writing Quaking Tower I go!

Happy Father’s Day!

To all our readers, writers, friends, and fans who are fathers; have a special day!

Busy, Busy, Busy

We here at Trinity Gateways have been hard at work on the next newsletter as well as prepping for Ancient City Con. I personally have been editing, working on the comic for the newsletter, writing Quaking Tower as well as some of my other projects. It’s a lot but it’s well worth it.

New Chapter!

Tucker’s date has reached it’s conclusion for today’s update to A Tail to Remember. Will there be a second one? Find out!

Counting Down

To say we have been busy would be an understatement. With a little over a month left to Ancient City Con, (the first convention that we will have our own table to sell merchandise as well as hosting our own panels. Check out our Schedule for more details) we have been rushing to get everything ready in time. On top of that, we have also been working on finishing books by our personal deadlines as well as working on other projects including our first anthology. It’s been quite the juggle! Of course we wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Continuing the Adventure…

A new chapter has been posted for Spark of Vengeance. Next week will be a new one for A Tail to Remember.