Unmasking Truth

Book 2 of Mantle of the Gods

Unmasking Truth - Front Only


The quest continues and the hunt resumes in Unmasking Truth the second Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks. In it Detective Lance Roman will learn that the past always comes back around to bite back hard when you least expect it.

The investigation into the theft of an earthen cup from the Smithsonian Museum reveals a clue that points back to something in files he’d buried long ago. Lance no longer works Homicide, wants nothing more than to forget the case he walked away from after losing everything.

But the case seems determined to haunt him and won’t let him go. The cup’s clue alongside a package received recently filled with the images of his nightmares are shoved away violently as he seeks to forget.

A killer who is more than he seems is making his bloody mark on the world again and that has the FBI turning up on Lance’s doorstep asking for his help. The detective hands over all he has on the case unwilling to get involved in an investigation that had already crippled him once.  Yet the FBI aren’t the only ones who remember the case and who’d worked it the killer remembers and he will force the detectives hand ensuring that the detective is the only person who can follow his trail.  Forced back into the investigation, the detective is now in a race against time. The butcher has his next victim in the crosshairs, and when Lance deciphers the clues pointing to a clever writer named CJ Nichols as the next target, he calls in a favor from an old friend to defeat the great evil that changed his life.

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