Introducing my newest series: Hidden Reaches

A Weekend Release – Just for You

I am so excited to announce that I have a new series, one that’s very different from Descent Into Darkness.  The Hidden Reaches series is urban fantasy, the original concept of which is as old as the one for DID.  If you like a little paranormal, a dash of quirkiness in your characters, a bit of mystery, a thread of romance, and a splash of blood (hey, it’s me; I can’t seem to write anything without at least a little blood-spill) then please check out the first book of this new series:

Blood & Rain by Doris Ross

Cover for Blood & Rain by Doris Ross
Book 1 of the Hidden Reaches Series

Blood & Rain

There is something dark in every city…

Jacksonville, FL, is a city with historic roots and character, much like many other cities in the United States. Yet the mundane façade hides a layer of reality not seen by the humans – except for a select few. Alex Rosselle is such a one. The IRS and her clientele know her as an artist, yet the city’s paranormal underbelly see her for what she is: a Hunter, the latest in a long line of humans who ensure that the secretive supernatural side of life stays civil.

…that attracts peril like a moth to flame.

Like Alex’s ex, the thieving bastard. But personal business takes a back seat when something monstrous begins stalking the streets of her beloved city. With every kill it makes, storms brew. In midst of the bloodshed she will discover an old nemesis, a new ally, and the interest of an ancient deity. Bearing down on them all is something only one of them can stop – provided Alex doesn’t drown as the city becomes awash with blood and rain.

This hurricane season will be one she will never forget.

Click here for the new Hidden Reaches Page and here for the Sample Chapters.

DID Update

Descent Into Darkness, Part 5: His Revenge is still on track for e-release in late September.  I’m in the middle of editing it now.  For those you who prefer printed volumes, Part 4: His Command and Part 5: His Revenge will be included in the upcoming omnibus Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 2: His War, which is currently slated for a fall release.


Ancient City Con is next weekend!  So if you happen to be in the Jacksonville, FL, area, please swing by and visit.  I’ll be at the Trinity Gateways LLC table with fellow authors LJ Gastineau and Tricia Sparks, as well as cover artist Blue.  We’ll be selling and signing books.  Mention our website or that you saw our post on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll give you a discount on your purchase.  We look forward to seeing you!

Gusty Proposals Quote 2


Violet felt ill.  She had gone from one control freak to another.  Unlike her mother, this one could potentially give her rabies.  She didn’t want to date her father’s, boss’s son and she most certainly did not desire to marry outside of her own species!  The idea of it made her feel even more nauseated.


There was only one thing she could do; find a way to escape.  It was obvious that she was underground.  However if she recalled the tale of Thumbelina, she should be able to find a tunnel that would lead to the surface.


“Thumbelina, are you listening?”


The girl shook her head in defiance.  “I don’t know who you think I am, but this is all wrong.  I don’t belong here.  I’m human, not a mole.  The best mate for a mole is another mole.  Please just let me go.”


The mouse narrowed her beady eyes at her.  “Don’t be silly.  You aren’t going anywhere.  This is where you will live and die.  There will be no changing that.”

Gusty Proposals - Front Cover Only

Sample Chapters from Gusty Proposals by LJ Gastineau


Chapter 1



Where am I?

The dark forest was foreboding in the moonless night, yet somehow she had a feeling she had been there before. It was almost like déjà vu.

Something was coming.

She could hear the snapping of twigs in the       distance. Her heart raced, fearing the unknown. Should she run? Should she hide? She could barely see anything around her. Only outlines of trees; their branches skeletal and grasping as though they could snatch her from where she stood like some sort of thief of night.

Something cold and wet touched her face. Was it raining? She would have to find someplace to use as a shelter or risk getting pneumonia.

Forgetting all the mysteries that lurked in the dark she ran blindly. A glimmer caught her eye from the right. Curious, she headed in that direction then came to a halt. It was a large gilded mirror. Mesmerized by her reflection she approached it staring in wonder. A scream tore from her throat as something beyond its smooth surface grabbed her pulling her towards it.



Chapter 2



Violet Piccolo gritted her teeth when the shrill cry of her alarm clock ripped her away from her dreams. She groaned, tugging her pillow over her head as she squirmed further under the covers.

Next she was greeted by a firm rapping at her   bedroom door. “Violet, it’s time to get up…”

She winced at the insistent sound in her mother’s voice. Didn’t the woman realize that it was her daughter’s sixteenth birthday? Shouldn’t Violet be allowed to do whatever she wished including sleeping in rather than playing dress up? She was so sick of doing     everything that was expected of her!

“Violet, are you even listening to me? We have a long day ahead of us.”

Knowing that unless she said something, she would have to endure a long winded lecture, the petite girl surfaced from her warm cocoon. “Okay, mother. I’ll be right there.”

“Wear a button down shirt, please. It’ll keep your hair from getting messed up when you change for   tonight.”


Once the click of high heels departed away from the door, Violet plopped back down on the soft pillow, a halo of strawberry blonde curls fanned out around her head. She sighed, lifting her amber gaze towards her calendar. May 20th. Her birthday, yet… It felt like it had never been hers to begin with.

As the only daughter of a well-to-do businessman and his socialite wife, Violet felt she was more like a commodity. She was always expected to behave a certain way. Her friends were handpicked by her   parents, from the time she could talk. Her life, in   general was regulated from what she could eat to what she wore. Her birthday was no exception.

Rather than have a simple party with friends or even dinner out with her parents, Violet was expected to cater to being another pawn in her father’s climb up the cooperate ladder as his boss’s, son’s Prom date!

What’s next? Marriage? Violet glared at the garment bag which contained the baby pink gown trimmed in sparkling crystals—nothing less for her parents’ little bargaining chip.

“Violet! You’re wasting time. Hurry up!”

She winced at her mother’s harsh tone. With a sigh, the girl gathered herself from the bed then dressed as she was expected—a button down shirt and skirt.

Violet knew her mother would criticize her hair if she stepped out of her bedroom as she was. Instead she gathered it back into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic band. The woman would still be critical, but she would just have to deal with it.

With one last glance back at the loathsome pastel room that her mother had forced upon her only daughter, Violet grabbed the garment bag then left.


The story continues in Gusty Proposals, book 3 of the Crystal Garden Saga by LJ Gastineau.  Click here to purchase the trade paper or here to buy the Kindle e-book.

Also, for those of you who’d like a signed copy of any of LJ Gastineau’s books, she will be at the Trinity Gateways LLC table at Ancient City Con in Jacksonville, FL.  The con is July 18-20, 2014 and she will be there all weekend.  LJ — and the rest of us at Trinity Gateways — look forward to seeing you there!


Gusty Proposals Quote 1


Violet frowned.  That was never mentioned in the fairytale.  Then again, Thumbelina didn’t shrink as she had.  She had been small to begin with.  “So… fairytales are real?”


Zandr’s dark brows knitted together.  “We don’t have tails.  Only wings.”


“I meant tales as in stories.”


“I still do not understand what you mean.”


She wanted to hide her face.  Instead she squeezed her eyes shut.  “Forget it.  Translation errors…”


“What is that?”


“Don’t worry about it.  It’s just my odd human speech.”  Violet decided she might be better off just shutting up before she confused them both.  Of course she guessed the damage may already be done.  At least Zandr didn’t seem too annoyed and just dumped her off leaving her to fend for herself.  Her mind flitted back to their first encounter.  “Wait, if you need me then why did you say you would kill me if I double crossed you?”


“Simple.  I do not know you.  You may be the Chosen One, however, that doesn’t mean you are trustworthy.  I have no proof that the Crystal Garden actually exists, but if it will save our land, I’ll put my faith in it.”


Available on Amazon in print and ebook!

Gusty Proposals - Front Cover Only

Gusty Proposals

Gusty Proposals - Front Cover OnlyGusty Proposals is the third story in this epic quest. It tells the story of Violet Piccolo, a young girl who has had every decision in her life made for her by overbearing parents. Everything from the type of clothes she wore to the friends she kept. For years she has obeyed their wishes without protest. However, on her sixteenth birthday things change when her father forces her into a relationship with his boss’s son in an attempt to advance his career and Violet makes a stand for the first time. Her rebellion has unexpected consequences as she shrinks to a mere few inches high. Her troubles don’t stop there though as the petite girl soon finds herself in another world filled with wonder, danger, and magic. Though now free of her childhood shackles, Violet finds herself confronted with others who believe they know what’s best for her. To fly free she must discover who she really is so that she might achieve her destiny. To do this she’ll have to learn that sometimes just standing isn’t enough. Somethings must be fought for as she seeks the crystal rose.

Get yours at Amazon in print or on ebook!

Book 2 of Mantle of the Gods

Unmasking Truth - Front Only


The quest continues and the hunt resumes in Unmasking Truth the second Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks. In it Detective Lance Roman will learn that the past always comes back around to bite back hard when you least expect it.

The investigation into the theft of an earthen cup from the Smithsonian Museum reveals a clue that points back to something in files he’d buried long ago. Lance no longer works Homicide, wants nothing more than to forget the case he walked away from after losing everything.

But the case seems determined to haunt him and won’t let him go. The cup’s clue alongside a package received recently filled with the images of his nightmares are shoved away violently as he seeks to forget.

A killer who is more than he seems is making his bloody mark on the world again and that has the FBI turning up on Lance’s doorstep asking for his help. The detective hands over all he has on the case unwilling to get involved in an investigation that had already crippled him once.  Yet the FBI aren’t the only ones who remember the case and who’d worked it the killer remembers and he will force the detectives hand ensuring that the detective is the only person who can follow his trail.  Forced back into the investigation, the detective is now in a race against time. The butcher has his next victim in the crosshairs, and when Lance deciphers the clues pointing to a clever writer named CJ Nichols as the next target, he calls in a favor from an old friend to defeat the great evil that changed his life.

Available on Amazon!

Quaking Tower

Book two, Quaking Tower picks up where Frozen Reflection left off and follows Cybele Lockley a young girl who’s led a sheltered life, separated from the world by a medical condition with only the occasional company of her grandmother Cybele longs to be free. In secret she creates a make-believe world in an old note book, a story filled with romance and adventure of a character based on Rapunzel. Everything changes for Cybele on her sixteenth birthday when she tries to cut her hair for the first time. The world around her shifts to match that of her story and she is left to discover who she truly is as she seeks out the crystal rose.Quaking Tower - Front Only

Descent Into Darkness, Part 1: His Own

Cover for Descent Into Darkness, Part 1: His Own by Doris Ross

Cover for Descent Into Darkness, Part 1: His Own by Doris Ross


Against all odds, Ba’tvian Delthanurk managed to leave his serf family behind, along with their derision for his gifts, his ambitions. Now a sponsored student at the Trinity College of Magery, the most prestigious school of magery in the world, he is determined not to fall back into the dirt of his inferior origins. Yet his aspirations have led him down a darker path than his teachers had intended. Once begun, he cannot stop, and so he will descend into darkness…

The start of a young man’s journey into villainy, Descent Into Darkness, Part 1: His Own by Doris Ross is now available as an e-book on the Kindle, and as part of the printed omnibus, Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins. Both can be acquired here.

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The Book Catalogue

Hi, everyone!  I just wanted to post a quick note about the Trinity Gateways LLC Book Catalogue.  It’s just gone live on the site, and contains a synopsis for each series, a teaser for every book, and sample chapters for all the title published by Trinity Gateways LLC.  The catalogue is a PDF that you can download to go through at your leisure or e-mail to your friends.  To access, you can click the link above or click on the Book Catalogue button in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.

We’ll be updating this file as new releases come out so please check back with us.

Today’s Plug

DID Series Back1

From obscurity into infamy, Ba’tvian Delthanurk blazes his wicked trail.  He is both hunted and hunter, a blood mage seeking to carve his deep into the history of Einlienn.  Some will follow him, others will seek his death.

Meet the loyal Nerisse se li Astorae, an elven woman intended for the priesthood, and the determined Absol Omine, the Mancer whose name fills Ba’tvian with hate.  More will cross paths with the blood mage Delthanurk.  Only a chosen few will survive.  None, living or dead, will forget him.

This is his journey into villainy – Ba’tvian Delthanurk’s Descent Into Darkness.

Where to find it

The first printed omnibus containing Part 1: His Own, Part 2: Her Lord, and Part 3: His Beast is entitled He BeginsHe Begins is available from Amazon, and each individual part, as well as Part 4: His Command, is available in e-book format.  You can find them for sale here.

If you’d like to purchase a signed copy — or want to drop by to discuss the story – I’ll be at Ancient City Con in Jacksonville, FL, on July 18-20, 2014 with Trinity Gateways LLC in the dealer’s room.  It’s an awesome convention with plenty of awesome people.  So come on out for some fun and stop by the table!