Mantle of the Gods

Truth Revealed Sample Chapter


Anna groaned as she rose from her work space yet again. She had been unable to concentrate since Sam left. Her mind was troubled. She was worried for him and Lance and feared for Catharine’s safety. As she walked past the end of the bed, her gaze shifted to the night table where the gun Sam had given her earlier lay concealed. She felt a shiver run down her spine as she remembered the feel of the cool metal in her hands and the weight of it.

Ann blinked how had she gotten here? She wasn’t a fighter. She was a scientist. Until a few weeks ago the most dangerous thing she’d ever faced was her parents’ disappointment in a choice she made. Since her discovery at the dig site in Israel she’d been followed, had her home broken into and even been shot. The injury was healed but she’d bear the scar as a reminder.

She swallowed, aware she was in well over her head. Anna sat down on the end of her bed as reality began to sink in. Catharine was the prisoner of a serial killer; a man who would systematically torture and destroy her. Lance and Sam were on the move to save her. But the man they faced was no ordinary man. He like James Hardagen and Ian Broody were each possessed by the spirit of a fallen one.

She was being hunted by figures that had once been worshiped as gods. The thought of it left her exhausted. Anna lay her head down on the bed.

“I just need a few minutes,” she told herself as she closed her eyes…

Mantle of the Gods Book 3- Truth Revealed Quote 1

“Well, bloody stop it. Do ya expect mi to sit by and watch while they blow kisses back and forth until he marries her?” Terra asked with fury.

“Yes, because it’s my bloody choice,” Anna snapped.

Sam’s mood lightened at that and he chuckled amused by their spirit and the argument, immensely pleased to know if he asked; Anna would marry him.

“Are you not going to defend yourself Mr. Abrams?”

“No, you’re doing just fine love,” he said amused.

“You find this funny?” Anna asked her temper flaring.

“No– not at first anyway, it was irritating.”

“Then why are you laughing now?” She asked furious.

“Because your spirited debate has left me with a clear picture of where I stand in your estimations.”

“And where is that exactly Mr. Abrams,” she said reverting to miss prim and proper to push his buttons, the way he was pushing hers.

“Marriage material.”


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Ancient City Con 2014 Day 2

Today marked the second day of ACC. There were a lot more cosplayers than yesterday which meant our residential picture fairy, LJ got to run around capturing even more great costumes, and even posing for a few herself. We got to meet some great people, sell more books, and even had a few laughs. LJ assisted our friends Kevin and Sarah Jo Coryell with their panel on fanfiction and afterwards we stayed for our favorite: The Ultimate Occult Showdown hosted by our friends Kevin Ranson and Brett Link of If you ever have an opportunity to attend this particular panel at a con they are at we highly recommend it. It’s nonstop laughs as the audience debates on who makes a better________.  Our favorite for tonight’s was “Who is a better faery?” Sookie from True Blood or Maleficent from the movie Maleficent.

Be sure to check out our pictures from today at our Facebook page! Only one more day left to go!

Ancient City Con 2014 Day 1

Today was the first day of this year’s ACC! We spent the majority of the day manning our booth, selling books, reuniting with past friends and making new ones. We also saw a lot of amazing costumes. It was quite and enjoyable and productive first day. Be sure to visit our Facebook page if you want to check out the pictures we took. We will have more available for your viewing pleasure. Remember, if you mention you saw us online you’ll receive a discount on your purchase!

Less Than A Day Away!

We are counting down to Ancient City Convention 2014! It’s a three day long multi-genre fandom convention at the Hyatt Regency Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida the 18th-20th. We will be there to sell our books, including our new releases, and will even have a special guest with us! So be sure to stop by and say you saw our post on our site/Facebook/Twitter and we’ll give you a discount!

For more information please be sure to visit ACC’s site. Looking Forward to seeing you and all our friends there!


Night Rising is Here!

The quest is over and now the war for Zeus’s throne will begin in Night Rising, the fourth Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks. A major victory has been won, but one battle does not make a war. Sam Abrams and Annalynn Gallagher now stand at the edge of failure.  With opposing forces converging on Zeus’s crown, and the efforts of the only deity who seems to share Sam and Anna’s goal foiled, one shadowy figure prepares to make her move while another begins to stir.

Haunted by the spirit of an ancient god, Detective Lance Roman returns to Los Angeles with the sword of war in hand, and Catherine Nichols at his side.  Yet they have not left their struggles behind them.  Still in danger of becoming a pawn in evil’s elaborate game, Catherine must rely on Lance.  As a wielder of the war god’s mantle, Lance must make a choice in order to protect the woman he loves – a choice with far-reaching consequences. One man’s need and another man’s ambition may speed the world into the hands of Chaos.

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Book 2 of Mantle of the Gods

Unmasking Truth - Front Only


The quest continues and the hunt resumes in Unmasking Truth the second Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks. In it Detective Lance Roman will learn that the past always comes back around to bite back hard when you least expect it.

The investigation into the theft of an earthen cup from the Smithsonian Museum reveals a clue that points back to something in files he’d buried long ago. Lance no longer works Homicide, wants nothing more than to forget the case he walked away from after losing everything.

But the case seems determined to haunt him and won’t let him go. The cup’s clue alongside a package received recently filled with the images of his nightmares are shoved away violently as he seeks to forget.

A killer who is more than he seems is making his bloody mark on the world again and that has the FBI turning up on Lance’s doorstep asking for his help. The detective hands over all he has on the case unwilling to get involved in an investigation that had already crippled him once.  Yet the FBI aren’t the only ones who remember the case and who’d worked it the killer remembers and he will force the detectives hand ensuring that the detective is the only person who can follow his trail.  Forced back into the investigation, the detective is now in a race against time. The butcher has his next victim in the crosshairs, and when Lance deciphers the clues pointing to a clever writer named CJ Nichols as the next target, he calls in a favor from an old friend to defeat the great evil that changed his life.

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