Mantle of the Gods

Night Rising – The War Begins

Night Rising by Tricia Sparks

Night Rising, Book 4 of the Mantle of the Gods series by Tricia Sparks.

The quest is over and now the war for Zeus’s throne will begin in Night Rising the fourth Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks. A major victory has been won, but one battle does not make a war. Sam Abrams and Annalynn Gallagher now stand at the edge of failure. With opposing forces converging on Zeus’s crown, and the efforts of the only deity who seems to share Sam and Anna’s goal foiled, one shadowy figure prepares to make her move while another begins to stir.

Haunted by the spirit of an ancient god, Detective Lance Roman returns to Los Angeles with the sword of war in hand, and Catharine Nichols at his side. Yet they have not left their struggles behind them. Still in danger of becoming a pawn in evil’s elaborate game, Catharine must rely on Lance. As a wielder of the war god’s mantle, Lance must make a choice in order to protect the woman he loves – a choice with far-reaching consequences.

One man’s need and another man’s ambition may speed the world into the hands of Chaos.


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Night’s Rising Quote 2

“You can’t play body guard forever,” she grumbled.

“Is that what you think I’m doing?” he asked with annoyance his blue eyes flashed orange for a moment and then dimmed back to their natural color.

“Isn’t it?” she challenged not caring for his tone.

“No, I’m not here working,” he corrected.

“If not that, then why?”

“I’m here because I care what happens to you Serenity,” he whispered as he brushed her hair away from her eyes.

“Lance…” she began uneasy with his closeness. She’d just scene ice blue go orange a harsh reminder that Ares was lingering here as well and might at any moment be the one in control.

“You invited me to visit you before the movie was done and I plan to do so now; as long as the offer still stands,” he whispered as his fingers slid into her hair.

“It does,” she assured him as she leaned into his caress. Liking the feel of it.

“I’m here because I want to be,” he murmured before he closed the last few inches between them and kissed her. His hands fisted in her hair pulling lightly tilting her head back so he could get a better taste.


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Night’s Rising Sample Chapter

Chapter 1


Sam stepped out of the bathroom and back into the main room of their hotel. His mind free of turmoil, it was time to discuss their next move.

“You okay?” Anna asked as he reemerged.

“Yeah, I just needed a minute to clear my head,” he assured her.

“What’s our next move?” She asked as he reached her side. Rather than answer her, he drew her into his arms and held her close for a moment, brushing her forehead with a light kiss. When he drew back, his eyes locked with hazel ones that had turned gray.

“Are you okay?” he asked seeing her fear.

“Yeah, I just went a round with Ares,” she muttered.

At the words Sam let her go and looked her over for injury. “What happened?”

“It wasn’t like that. He’s just taunting me. Making it pretty clear that despite whatever deal he made with Lance, he has designs for Catharine still.” Anna explained.

“Yeah I’m not surprised there; I figured that a deal made with a fallen wouldn’t end well,” Sam grumbled.

“What are we going to do?” Anna asked.

“We’ll deal with Lance in a minute, first we need to get people on their way and figure out what we can do to stop these four want-to-be gods from jump starting the apocalypse,” Sam whispered.

Anna nodded her understanding as Sam drew her back to his side. He watched as the others in the room moved away from each other and in his direction, all but Lance, he stayed at Catharine’s side. That was just fine by Sam, he didn’t want Ares privy to whatever plans they set in motion.

“All right yank quiet times over, what are we gonna do?” Terra demanded, her green eyes sharp and cold.


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Night’s Rising Quote 1

Anna pulled the phone away from her ear and held it in stunned silence for a moment until she felt Sam’s hand squeeze her own. She blinked then looked over at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Apparently there’s more than one way to get inside that door at Atlantis.”

“Another way to enter hell,” Sam muttered with disgust.


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Discovering Truth- The Beginning

“Secrets, really Terra, I thought they weren’t your style.”

“I learned a few things from mi time with ya,” she said bitterly.

“You said before, when I left, I nearly got you killed what does that mean?”

“Kieran didn’t take it well.”

“What did he do?

“Doesn’t matter.”

“It does to me.”

“I’m not your girl anymore Vince. I never was; I get that. I was an asset. I’m no longer a threat ta ya or of use either. Now be a good little spy and move on. I’ve got work ta do and you’re in mi way,” she muttered before rising from the table and walking away.

Mantle of the Gods is a suspense series by Tricia Sparks that begins with a mysterious discovery that leads to the return of the Greek gods and starts the clock ticking toward the coming of the apocalypse.

Discovering Truth, a Mantle of the Gods anthology is the newest instalment in the series it is a companion piece for the first three novels and can be read either first or last. It unlocks hidden truths skimmed over with in the pages of the first three novels. Discover how Terra ended up working as a spy in Voices from the Past.  Understand why Zaharrah left home in Darkness Stirs. Learn how Anna found the lost city, in Discoveries. Watch as Lance’s hunt for the Fury killer shatters his world with in the pages of Dream’s End. See how Catharine learned Heart of Glass was making the leap to the big screen in Serenity Rising. Find out how Sam lost his job after taking on The Assignment.

Discovering Truth Quote 2

Vince nodded. “I’ll leave you to rest if you like. I’m going to get some breakfast and get some more equipment. You should be safe enough now that it’s daylight,” he whispered before he drew her to him and kissed her. Terra struggled in his grasp aware Kieran had to be watching. But Vince would not be denied and it wasn’t long before her halfhearted efforts to get away changed to a demand of her own.

Her lips came alive under his and vied for control as hands that had been trying to push him away fisted in his hair and clothes drawing him closer. She cursed him and herself for her inability to deny the passion that still existed between them.

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Discovering Truth Sample Chapter

“Aloha Kauai the time is 7:52 pm. Your Wildman is winding down as I prepare to head out the door but don’t you worry about the night slowing down, we’ve got a real treat for you tonight; filling in for the lovely Jessica, Queen of Cats, is our own Lady of the Night. She’s here to turn up the heat as she takes your requests from eight until midnight.” “That’s right Wildman. Prince Charming is out there somewhere but for now I’ve kicked off the dancing shoes, my feet are up and I’m going to play the tunes to keep you happy until the witching hour. But first, let’s start the night off with a song for the city. This one is from me to a special someone out there listening, on behalf of Jessica and Kevin, you know who you are. I hope you like it.” the woman purred over the airwaves.

* * *

Across town a man sat poised behind the wheel of his Toyota X-Runner frozen, unable to move. He could barely breathe. He knew that voice. It was a sound he could never forget. A ghost from the past and he cursed as the song she’d chosen began to play. It too he knew well “One Way or Another,” by Blondie he thought to himself. His eyes shot to his rear view mirror scanning the area as his lips parted. “Abort mission.” “Vince?” his second questioned with concern in her voice. He cursed, knowing he couldn’t take the command back. “I’ve been compromised.” “Are you sure? I see no one.” Vince’s eyes looked about for indications of a watcher but saw none. “I’m positive, report to base; I’ll be back when I’m clear.” Vince said before he sped off into the night….

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Discovering Truth- Quote 1

Green eyes lit with shock at the sight of him. “You! Vince?” she stared at him dumbfounded unable to believe her eyes. She’d not seen him in five years and… wait he was pointing a gun at her. Her shock faded and anger stirred. “You’re behind the hit on Jessica!”

“Me. I’m not the one here that’s the assassin.” Vince snapped in irritation at the accusation.


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Truth Revealed- The quest continues

The quest continues and the hunt resumes in Truth Revealed, the third Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks As the hunt for the remaining mantles draws to a close, Sam Abrams and the others will come to understand that the wicked never rests and it is unwise to let down your guard.

With one woman safe, Sam Abrams returns to find archeologist, Annalynn Gallagher gone.  Who has taken her is unclear, yet Sam is certain of her ultimate destination: into the possession of a would-be messenger of the gods.

But Hermes is the least of his worries as things at the dig become far more dangerous. When Anna left the site, she left Zaharrah Lynch in charge. With things spinning out of control Zaharrah wants nothing more than to get clear of Atlantis and the gods circling it, but her sibling and cohort hasn’t completed his task yet. Zaharrah will wait as long as she can for her brother, but her window of escape is closing fast and she knows she can’t stay much longer as her sleep is haunted by malevolent darkness.

Death waits for everyone no matter how far you run and Zaharrah knows it’s catching up with her as her path is leading her deep into the heart of the Jordan desert, to a place she sees in her dreams – and a deity who would claim the world as his own. Now Sam, Zaharrah, and the others must prepare for a battle that will reveal the hidden, ancient truths – and have unforeseen consequences for one of their number. Victory or defeat, each will exact its price.

Truth Revealed Quote 2

Anna’s eyes shot away from the TV she’d been watching to the open door fear was etched on her lovely face as she crossed to the night table and pulled out the gun the man Sam had given her before he left.

“You don’t need that doctor,” James assured her as he moved closer.

“You’re not welcome here,” Anna snapped as she pointed the weapon at him and removed the safety.



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