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Something very bad has happened at Trinity Gateways LLC, and now we find that our website was not only down, the site build files have been lost.  So, to make a long and convoluted story very short…

We Are Under Construction

Please bear with us as we work to reconstruct the site build files and restore the site.  Since we have to do all this work anyway, we’ll be making some changes to the original site layout.  This is going to take some time, but we will be “re-loading” portions of the site as they are finished so please check back.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.  :-)


The Trinity

Drawing to a close

Well, it’s now mid-September and the year is almost over for the Trinity. As we prepare to put the site on hiatus for new writing content rest assured you will get the rest of Rogue Messiah before it happens. I’ve got the next five chapters for you this week.  In addition to that you may also note a page for a new story titled The Angel and the Hunter; look for it in the coming year.

For now happy reading.

This Week: Blood & Rain

Blood & Rain by Doris Ross

Cover for Blood & Rain by Doris Ross
Book 1 of the Hidden Reaches Series

Jacksonville, FL, is a city with historic roots and character, much like many other cities in the United States. Yet the mundane façade hides a layer of reality not seen by humans – except for a select few. Alex Rosselle is such a one. The IRS and her clientele know her as an artist, yet the city’s paranormal underbelly see her for what she is: a Hunter coming into her own, one whose skills are about to be tested.

Something monstrous is stalking the streets of her beloved city. No one knows what it is, let alone where it comes from. With every kill it makes, storms brew. As she hunts for the source, Alex will encounter an old nemesis, a new ally, and the interest of an ancient deity as she faces the unknown threat – a deadly force which bears down on them all. A snippet of storied history may hold the key – provided Alex doesn’t drown first as the city becomes awash with blood and rain.

Blood & Rain, book 1 of the Hidden Reaches series by Doris Ross is now available from Amazon and Kindle – or you can buy it from us here.

Other News

The editing phase for Descent Into Darkness, Part 5: His Revenge is complete and will publish as an e-book on 9/19/14.  The cover is being worked on now and will be posted once it’s finished.

Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 2: His War has also completed it’s editing phase.  As this volume will be released in print, it will be a bit longer before preparations are complete.  It’s just begun the layout phase and the cover is also has to be completed.  Again, once it’s ready, it’ll be posted.  As of right now, His War is slated for printed release on 10/26/14.

As His War comprises both Part 4: His Command and Part 5: His Revenge, I took the opportunity to re-edit His Command.  I’ve recently discovered an excellent editing tool that catches around 95% of errors.  The editing tool is Pro Writing Aid.  While Pro Writing Aid doesn’t take the place of an actual editor, it comes closer than anything I’ve tried thus far.  I highly recommend it to anyone who writes.  I’ve used it to edit His War, and was so impressed with it that I’ve begun re-editing He Begins.

Current & Upcoming Projects

Once His War is published, I will begin outlining Descent Into Darkness, Part 6: His Conquest.  Right now, I’m aiming to finish the last installment of Descent Into Darkness in the fall or winter of 2015.  That is subject to change, and I will let everyone know if it gets pushed back.

The sequel to Blood & Rain, entitled Shards & Lies, is currently slated for a 2016 release.  The rough draft is going through a hefty revision.  If that wraps earlier than anticipated, and the editing phase goes smoothly, it may be moved up.  We’ll see.

Until next time!

An apology

Hello, for those of you who have been following Rogue Messiah I recently discovered that the last few post had been the content from Rogue Hunter. I am sorry for the mix up and have corrected the error. Chapters 32-50 are now up. I hope this alleviates any confusion and that now that it is fixed you will enjoy the read. We’re closing in on the end of part 4. We’ll wrap it up before the site goes dormant for new content in November.

Until next month happy reading.

Tricia Sparks

Book 2 of Mantle of the Gods

Unmasking Truth - Front Only


The quest continues and the hunt resumes in Unmasking Truth the second Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks. In it Detective Lance Roman will learn that the past always comes back around to bite back hard when you least expect it.

The investigation into the theft of an earthen cup from the Smithsonian Museum reveals a clue that points back to something in files he’d buried long ago. Lance no longer works Homicide, wants nothing more than to forget the case he walked away from after losing everything.

But the case seems determined to haunt him and won’t let him go. The cup’s clue alongside a package received recently filled with the images of his nightmares are shoved away violently as he seeks to forget.

A killer who is more than he seems is making his bloody mark on the world again and that has the FBI turning up on Lance’s doorstep asking for his help. The detective hands over all he has on the case unwilling to get involved in an investigation that had already crippled him once.  Yet the FBI aren’t the only ones who remember the case and who’d worked it the killer remembers and he will force the detectives hand ensuring that the detective is the only person who can follow his trail.  Forced back into the investigation, the detective is now in a race against time. The butcher has his next victim in the crosshairs, and when Lance deciphers the clues pointing to a clever writer named CJ Nichols as the next target, he calls in a favor from an old friend to defeat the great evil that changed his life.

Available on Amazon!

Unmasking Truth- Quote 2

Catharine looked down at her screen and mentally cursed she’d been at this since she got here and all she had to show for her efforts were the basic requirements for the book.

1. Story needed to be focused on Serenity

2. Needed to have a happy ending for her (so fans and publishing house will get off my back)

3. Needed a new romantic lead

4. Burn when completed

Available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Unmasking-Truth-Mantle-Gods-Volume/dp/098819516X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404258296&sr=8-1&keywords=Unmasking+Truth+Tricia+Sparks

Unmasking Truth - Front Only