Tricia Sparks

Half a year gone and going strong.

Wow, I can’t believe it is June already. This year is just flying by. Next month is Ancient City Convention here in Jacksonville, Florida. The Trinity will be attending once again. Look for our table where we will be selling and signing books. As with last year, mention you read about the show either here or on our Facebook page and you will receive a discount on everything we have at the table. We hope to see you there.

Sorry for the missed posts the past two weeks; I’ve been busy gearing up for the show. The layout work for all three new titles from Trinity Gateways LLC is nearly complete and all are set release July 11, 2014. More details to come on these new releases soon on our Facebook page. In the meantime, I’m giving you five new chapters for Rogue Messiah. I hope you enjoy them.


Mantle of the Gods

Secrets…we all keep them; from small and innocent to dark and massive. There are some we live for, others we die for and even some that people will kill for.

In Mantle of the Gods a suspense series by Tricia Sparks Archeologist Dr. Annalynn Gallagher stumbles on a secret so old that history has all but forgotten it A secret that one organization has gone to great lengths to keep hidden in shadows, while another moves to bring to the light of day. One so dangerous that heaven and hell will battle to preserve. A secret that leads to the return of the Greek gods and starts the clock ticking toward the coming of the apocalypse.


Marching Forward

As March draws to a close I find myself hard at work doing many different tasks for both the site and Trinity Gateways LLC. I’ve completed the first draft for book six of the Mantle of the Gods and am now beginning work on a new anthology for the series. I’m also working diligently to not lose track of Rogue Messiah so that you get a new chapter each week. For the couple that have been late I apologize. I know at the start of the year I mentioned working on the second script for War of Corveya for now this is on hold due to time constraints. As Easter approaches my time will become limited as my day job becomes more pressing. I will let you know when this changes. For now I’ve got a new chapter for Rogue Messiah for you I hope you like it.

Welcoming in 2014

Hello and welcome to the kickoff of the new year for Trinity Gateways. If it’s your first time to the site, welcome. We hope you’ll take a look around and that you enjoy what you see. This is the first official post of 2014 and it’s a quick one. Just so you are aware, I’ve added the first new chapter of the year to Rogue Messiah for your enjoyment. There will be additional chapters to come over the months ahead. Look for a new one each week.

Over the break, I have been hard at work on it as well as my other main project, The Mantle of the Gods. My anthology is nearly finished with the editing phase and will be available for purchase soon. The first draft for book six in that series is nearly done.  I’ve picked up my notes for War of Corveya and am looking to start script two here soon. There are a few other projects I’ll be looking at as well, so it’s going to be a busy year for me; one where I’ll be hard at work doing what I love.

We hope you had happy holidays and are looking forward to a new year of things here with us.


Closing out 2013 for Trinity Gateways

Wow. I can’t believe we are already in the middle of October. This is the last month the Trinity will present material on the site for 2013. Nothing else will post until February as we take our annual downtime for holidays and love ones. Lisa, Doris, and I will be making an appearance at the North Florida Comic Con locally on November 3rd at the Ramada Inn of San Jose Blvd. Near Whole Foods, Office Depot and Steak and Shake. We have a table and will be selling books. Look for us. If you mention that you read about our visit I will give you a discount on my books.

I apologize for the delay of the post. Technical difficulties have left me unable to translate my word document to PDF. As it is I am using my editor’s laptop to write this. I have added seven new chapters to Rogue Messiah. I hope you like them and I apologize again for the delay. Look for more in 2014. Till then, happy reading.


Ancient City Convention

The convention was a great success. We sold more than enough books to recoup the price of the table and met a lot of nice people. We will be attending another local convention her in Jacksonville in November. Look for more on this to come.

In the meantime here is the prologue and first new chapter for part four of The Rogue Chronicles titled Rogue Messiah. I hope you like it.

Winding Down

Rough Hunter is nearing it’s end. Look for the final six chapters next week.
The following week there will be no posts as I’ll be at the Ancient City Convention here in Jacksonville. I’ll be there selling books with Lisa at the Trinity Gateways’s table. Look for us and if you mention you read this post I’ll provide you with an extra discount on my titles. Hope to see you there.

Mid Week Post

My apologies that this is late. Sunday was a long day for me as I paid a visit to the ER. I have the day off today and thought I’d take the time to update my story. Since it is late I gave you an additional 4 chapters. Look for the next post on Sunday.

Big Changes

Hello again, just wanted to take a minute to stop and let you know of some changes to the page. First I’ve added the next four chapters to Rogue Hunter. Second the short stories for Mantle of the Gods have been pulled from the site as they have been published on amazon in a printed collection with two additional stories. Beyond that book two in the trilogy entitled Unmasking the Truth is also available for sale. I hope you’ll check it out.