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Drawing to a close

Well, it’s now mid-September and the year is almost over for the Trinity. As we prepare to put the site on hiatus for new writing content rest assured you will get the rest of Rogue Messiah before it happens. I’ve got the next five chapters for you this week.  In addition to that you may also note a page for a new story titled The Angel and the Hunter; look for it in the coming year.

For now happy reading.

Night Rising – The War Begins

Night Rising by Tricia Sparks

Night Rising, Book 4 of the Mantle of the Gods series by Tricia Sparks.

The quest is over and now the war for Zeus’s throne will begin in Night Rising the fourth Mantle of the Gods novel by Tricia Sparks. A major victory has been won, but one battle does not make a war. Sam Abrams and Annalynn Gallagher now stand at the edge of failure. With opposing forces converging on Zeus’s crown, and the efforts of the only deity who seems to share Sam and Anna’s goal foiled, one shadowy figure prepares to make her move while another begins to stir.

Haunted by the spirit of an ancient god, Detective Lance Roman returns to Los Angeles with the sword of war in hand, and Catharine Nichols at his side. Yet they have not left their struggles behind them. Still in danger of becoming a pawn in evil’s elaborate game, Catharine must rely on Lance. As a wielder of the war god’s mantle, Lance must make a choice in order to protect the woman he loves – a choice with far-reaching consequences.

One man’s need and another man’s ambition may speed the world into the hands of Chaos.


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An apology

Hello, for those of you who have been following Rogue Messiah I recently discovered that the last few post had been the content from Rogue Hunter. I am sorry for the mix up and have corrected the error. Chapters 32-50 are now up. I hope this alleviates any confusion and that now that it is fixed you will enjoy the read. We’re closing in on the end of part 4. We’ll wrap it up before the site goes dormant for new content in November.

Until next month happy reading.

Tricia Sparks