LJ Gastineau

And So Our Adventures in Writing Continue…

As you can see, we are back! So far this year has kicked off with lots of deadlines, goals, and of course work. I had to tack on 5K more words to Frozen Reflection for the Amazon Novel Breakthrough Award Contest. It was tricky, but the additional content has improved the story overall. I’ll be updating the story in the relaunch this Spring/Summer. I have also achieved making the 50K for NaNoWriMo last November. It was a tremendous feat that I am still quite shocked to have succeeded in.

A Taste of Something New…

I had announced several months ago that my serial fiction story, Hidden Mystique was now live on JukePop Serials.  It is currently up to 10 chapters since that last post. I have included a page under my stories for it. Please show your support by starting a free account and reading and voting for the chapters. Unlike the stories on this site, each chapter has a beginning, middle, and end kind of like a television episode. I’ll still be working on A Tail to Remember and Spark of Vengeance. The schedule is posted on the main page.

In Other News…

Zidane the furry one now has a new friend. Siegfried has joined our happy home so now I have two chinchillas to keep me amused by their quirky antics. In the middle of the month they will begin their introductions to see if they would like to share a cage or not. I’m crossing my fingers that they will completely love each other and be best friends for life!






It’s Alive!

My cross-genre/urban fantasy serial, Hidden Mystique is live now exclusively on Juke Pop Serials.

It’s a story about Becca Alexander and Kassie Madison, two cousins who are as different as night and day. The college roommates thought their bickering was the worst of their problems. They were wrong.  After a series of events the cousins soon find themselves caught in a web that leads them racing across the country in search of answers.  Their only aid is a mysterious benefactor who holds a rather pricy debt over the girls’ heads.  They discover nothing is as it seems.  Even themselves.

Any fans of the paranormal TV show, Supernatural might enjoy this. (If you ever wondered what it would have been like if Dean and Sam were two girls, Hidden Mystique has a similar premise that deals more with fantasy rather than  paranormal.  I even personally refer to the chapters as episodes. The chapters in fact run just like a television episode with a beginning, middle, and end.

Please check it out and give it a vote! Also feel free to comment. I’d love to have any feedback you wish to share!

Quaking Tower has been ePublished!

Cybele Lockley

E-book cover of Book 2 of the Crystal Garden Saga, Quaking Tower now for sale on Amazon!

Book 2 of my young adult series, The Crystal Garden is now available for purchase at Amazon.com and at Smashwords.com for $4.99. This one is the tale of Cybele Lockely, a girl who has spent most of her life in isolation thought the only way she would experience adventure was through her story. One day she makes a choice that sends into a world where she must face her greatest fears in order to put an end to an evil that threatens her new found freedom.

Check out the new Crystal Garden Saga page for links the teaser chapters for the first two books here!


If you missed the first book, Frozen Reflection you can still get it for half off for the month of September only!

I have also created a Facebook Page specifically for this series. You can visit it here.