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The Trinity

Introducing Descent into Darkness Part 5: His Revenge


DID 5 - His Revenge

Descent Into Darkness, Part 5: His Revenge by Doris Ross


The Mancers’ Guild House has fallen. Jevanel lies in ruins. In the aftermath of destruction, the Mancers struggle to rebuild their numbers while the Monster of Menie schemes.

Though Ba’tvian Delthanurk hunts them, Mancers must still heed their sworn duties. Responding to a call from the Rathburn Watch, one of their number returns to the city he once called home. A murderer is stalking the city of Rathurn, leaving mutilated bodies in his decade-long wake. The Watch suspect a local; the Mancer Veln Greenmeadow suspects a blood mage.

As Veln searches for the truth in Rathburn, Absol Omine prepares his people as best he can. Time is running out as Ba’tvian and his Shadowed Ones close in on Destiny’s Way. Absol’s hope lies in the boy he’s raised, one whose power may be equal to the blood mage Delthanurk’s. While the Mancers plan, the elven lady Nerisse se li Astorae enacts a scheme of her lord’s making. Every step she takes is haunted by what she’s done. As she tries to separate the madness she fears from the reality around her, Nerisse struggles for reprieve.

One will lose all sense of self. Another will perish in failure. And the Monster of Menie will lay the foundation of new future.

A conflict is coming. By the end of it, fire will scour the blood-soaked earth.

Quaking Tower


Quaking Tower by LJ Gastineau

Quaking Tower, Book 2 of the Crystal Garden Saga by LJ Gastineau

“You!” A shrill voice hissed as Cybele spun around to flee. The girl jumped back, startled at the sight of a hooded figure standing before her. The person laughed as they uncovered their head. “So, the little bird has escaped her gilded cage after all. How dare you!”

Cybele thought her heart skipped a beat as she starred up at a very familiar face. “Gr-Grandmother.”

Available in print and ebook here at and on Amazon!

Frozen Reflection


Frozen Reflection by LJ Gastineau

Frozen Reflection, Book 1 of the Crystal Garden Saga by LJ Gastineau


Bianca wished that she wasn’t alone.  Even though it was a dream, she still would have liked someone to talk to.  She realized that she had to be careful what she wished for when an elderly woman approached from a cluster of trees in front of her.

“Would you like an apple, dear?”

Available in print and ebook here at and on Amazon!


Night’s Rising Quote 2

“You can’t play body guard forever,” she grumbled.

“Is that what you think I’m doing?” he asked with annoyance his blue eyes flashed orange for a moment and then dimmed back to their natural color.

“Isn’t it?” she challenged not caring for his tone.

“No, I’m not here working,” he corrected.

“If not that, then why?”

“I’m here because I care what happens to you Serenity,” he whispered as he brushed her hair away from her eyes.

“Lance…” she began uneasy with his closeness. She’d just scene ice blue go orange a harsh reminder that Ares was lingering here as well and might at any moment be the one in control.

“You invited me to visit you before the movie was done and I plan to do so now; as long as the offer still stands,” he whispered as his fingers slid into her hair.

“It does,” she assured him as she leaned into his caress. Liking the feel of it.

“I’m here because I want to be,” he murmured before he closed the last few inches between them and kissed her. His hands fisted in her hair pulling lightly tilting her head back so he could get a better taste.


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Night’s Rising Sample Chapter

Chapter 1


Sam stepped out of the bathroom and back into the main room of their hotel. His mind free of turmoil, it was time to discuss their next move.

“You okay?” Anna asked as he reemerged.

“Yeah, I just needed a minute to clear my head,” he assured her.

“What’s our next move?” She asked as he reached her side. Rather than answer her, he drew her into his arms and held her close for a moment, brushing her forehead with a light kiss. When he drew back, his eyes locked with hazel ones that had turned gray.

“Are you okay?” he asked seeing her fear.

“Yeah, I just went a round with Ares,” she muttered.

At the words Sam let her go and looked her over for injury. “What happened?”

“It wasn’t like that. He’s just taunting me. Making it pretty clear that despite whatever deal he made with Lance, he has designs for Catharine still.” Anna explained.

“Yeah I’m not surprised there; I figured that a deal made with a fallen wouldn’t end well,” Sam grumbled.

“What are we going to do?” Anna asked.

“We’ll deal with Lance in a minute, first we need to get people on their way and figure out what we can do to stop these four want-to-be gods from jump starting the apocalypse,” Sam whispered.

Anna nodded her understanding as Sam drew her back to his side. He watched as the others in the room moved away from each other and in his direction, all but Lance, he stayed at Catharine’s side. That was just fine by Sam, he didn’t want Ares privy to whatever plans they set in motion.

“All right yank quiet times over, what are we gonna do?” Terra demanded, her green eyes sharp and cold.


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Night’s Rising Quote 1

Anna pulled the phone away from her ear and held it in stunned silence for a moment until she felt Sam’s hand squeeze her own. She blinked then looked over at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Apparently there’s more than one way to get inside that door at Atlantis.”

“Another way to enter hell,” Sam muttered with disgust.


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Blood & Rain- The Hunter

In a world of the mundane, Alex Rosselle is more than the artist she seems to be.  She is a hunter, someone who enforces the laws governing the preternatural.  Now something monstrous is stalking the streets of Jacksonville, Florida, the city she calls home.  Identity unknown, it leaves a swath of blood.  Around each death, storms brew and objects of power vanish.  As she searches for answers, on what is molesting her beloved city, Alex will encounter an old nemesis.  Pick up a new ally or two and gain the interest of an ancient deity.  The search will take her down the strangest of roads one where the snippet of a storied history may hold the key to the mystery.  In the midst of the bloodshed, a race is on as a deadly force begins to bear down on them all.  Something only one of them can stop – provided Alex doesn’t drown first as the city becomes a wash with blood and rain.

Blood & Rain, book 1 of the Hidden Reaches series by Doris Ross is now available from Amazon and Kindle – or you can buy it from us here: